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Custom Engine Work

Dave at has 30+ years of experience in motorcycle engine repair and moto-cross customs.  The depth of his knowledge of KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg, and Beta engines puts the shop at among the elete in the business. 


Dave offers an almost limitless range of engine services, so contact him with your project.  His most popular service is redoing the cylinder head with oversize Kibblewhite valves, unshrouding the combustion chamber and boring the carburetor. That, with a mild upgrade in the camshaft, wakes up a lazy monster and yet is still very manageable.

Big Bore Kits:

The most popular service on the RFS engine is the 540 kit (97mm) on a 450 or 525.  Other options are available as well, including a 570 kit (99mm), the next level up in both cost and performance. Stroker cranks, modified oiling system, angular bearings for the mains are all available.

 For the Quad Enthusiast:

One combo that is growing in popularity with the Quad crowd is a 600, complete package.  Send me your engine and we have the crank stroked, cylinder bored, complete porting job, cam, billet cam chain tensioner, modified oiling system, angular bearings for the mains, carb mods all as one package deal.